Nevada Joint Information Center (JIC)

The State JIC is the central location that facilitates the operation of the State JIS. It is a physical or an Internet-based virtual location where personnel with public information responsibilities perform media and community relations during an incident or event. The JIC structure is designed to work equally well for large or small incidents and can expand or contract to meet the needs of the incident.

Efficient information flow is critical to effectively meet public information needs and carry out ESF #15 responsibilities when multiple organizations come together to respond to an emergency or manage an event.

In support of ESF #15 some of the JIC’s responsibilities may include:

  • Coordinate information mission assignments in support of local jurisdiction incident response.
  • Be the first and best source of information.
  • Develop, recommend and execute public information plans and strategies on behalf of the Governor or the SEOC Manager.
  • Advise the Governor or the SEOC Manager concerning public affairs issues that could impact the response. 
  • Ensure the various response agencies’ information personnel work together to minimize conflict.
  • Gain and maintain public trust and confidence. 
  • Gather information about the crisis. 
  • Capture appropriate images of the incident through video and photos to be released to the media.
  • Write and communicate emergency public information regarding public protective actions, evacuations, sheltering and other public safety messages. 
  • Ensure the timely and coordinated release of accurate information to the public by providing a single release point of information. 
  • Facilitate and manage control of rumors. 
  • Monitor and measure public perception of the incident. 
  • Inform the Governor or the SEOC Manager of public reaction, attitude and needs.