Mission and Objectives

The mission of the State of Nevada Joint Information System is to provide a structure and system for developing and delivering accurate, coordinated, consistent and timely messages; developing, recommending, and executing public information plans and strategies on behalf of the Office of the Governor and the State Emergency Operations Center; advising the Office of the Governor, the State Emergency Operations Center, and local jurisdictions affected by disasters concerning public affairs issues that could affect a response effort; and controlling rumors and inaccurate information that could undermine public confidence in the emergency response effort.

Mission Essential Objectives

  • Instill confidence in the state that all levels of government are working in partnership to restore essential services and help individuals begin to put their lives back together;
  • Work with the media to promote a positive understanding of federal and state response, recovery and mitigation programs;
  • Provide all target markets with equal access to timely and accurate information about disaster response, recovery and mitigation programs;
  • Manage expectations so that disaster victims have a clear understanding of all disaster response, recovery and mitigation services available to them; and
  •   Support local efforts to reach disaster victims with specific program information