JIC Information

Public Information consists of the processes, procedures and systems to communicate timely, accurate and accessible information on the incident’s cause, size and current situation to the public, responders and additional stakeholders (both directly affected and indirectly affected). Public information must be coordinated and integrated across jurisdictions, agencies and organizations; among federal, state, tribal and local governments and with non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

Well-developed public information, education strategies and communications plans help to ensure that lifesaving measures, evacuation routes, threat and alert systems and other public safety information are coordinated and communicated to numerous audiences in a timely, consistent manner.

The purpose of the State of Nevada Joint Information Center website  is to provide an integrated strategy of coordinated information at one location for all  citizens and  to support statewide and local response efforts during an emergency, disaster or major event. 

State Homeland Security Initiative to Refine Nevada Public Warning and Information

Preparing Nevada - The Washoe County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is championing a State Homeland Security Initiative to refine Nevada Public Warning and Public Information. 

Three things have occurred to place this initiative as a high priority: 

  • Presidential Directive 8, National Preparedness goal, and the transition to core capabilities - all specifically place priority on emergency communications with our citizens.
  • The devastating AMTRAC Crash, Air Race Disaster, and two Wild Land fires in urban areas in 2011 revealed serious gaps in our ability to both warn the public and to keep them informed - imagine if these had been terrorist events (as was initially claimed by extremists through the media.
  • The Nevada State Homeland Security Commission prioritized Public Warning and Information as the second highest priority in the state